FEMA Riderscan Survey: Have the new licensing rules affected you?

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FEMAThe Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations, is the umbrella body for riders rights groups in Europe of which MAG Ireland is a founder member.

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The Riderscan project, led by FEMA, is designed to address motorcycle safety issues by collecting information and creating a cross border knowledge-based network.

Today, our colleagues in FEMA are asking for your participation in a new survey as part of the Riderscan project.

FEMA logoThe survey aims to gather evidence from riders across Europe to develop an understanding of the issues riders face and how the new legislation affects motorcycle training, testing and licencing. In particular, they survey seeks to identify whether riders have faced any additional costs or difficulties in registering their motorcycle or encountered problems with the authorities due to the confusion over which category of motorcycle they are legally entitled to ride.

We in MAG Ireland are well aware that quite a number of you have been caught between the old system with its 25kW/2 year restrictions and the new regulations which came into force on 19th January last and which introduced a new A2 license category and direct access as part of the 3rd Driving License Directive (3DLD).

If you have been affected by the changes in the licensing rules, FEMA wants to hear from you. The survey is available online here:


FEMA will use the information collected to help influence policy makers and to promote the interests of motorcyclists in the future. We suggest you read over the questions before you begin. There is a facility to upload documents pertinent to your own particular case should you need to do so, and you can save and resume the survey if necessary.

For more information on Riderscan, its aims and objectives, see our previous post here:


As a founder member of FEMA, MAG Ireland encourages Irish riders to participate in the Riderscan project because we believe in evidence led policy based on sound publicly available evidence.

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