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Much of what MAG Ireland does goes on behind the scenes. It’s never ending struggle with the various local, national, and international bodies who think that they who do not ride motorcycles somehow know what’s best for those of us who do.

We in MAG Ireland do whatever we can to engage with them on your behalf – persuading, cajoling, arguing our corner, myth busting, defusing prejudice and generally doing whatever it takes, wherever it takes us, to make sure that you continue to have the freedom to ride your bike your way.

We can’t possibly win every battle. What we can do, and have done, (and will continue to do wherever possible) is to curb the worst excesses of legislation which aims to reduce or preclude your ability to ride your motorcycle.

It is a little one sided. In the one corner, you have MAG Ireland – a small group of dedicated volunteers doing what they can when they can in their own spare time (and at their own expense) on behalf of the MAG membership and the wider motorcycling community. In the other, a vast international army of bureaucrats at every level from local busybodies to internationally recognised personalities whose full-time paid day job is to dream up ever more stringent restrictions to impose upon us “for our own good”.

You can help in one of three ways:

Clicking on the advertisements. MAG Ireland carries a small amount of advertising on the web site. These ads are supplied by Google. Each time you click on an advert, MAG Ireland gets a few cents. We make a very small amount of money from this, less than €10 per month, but it costs you nothing and to us, every cent counts.

Joining MAG Ireland. With membership rates now down to just €20 per year, and a discount scheme that can save you hundreds of Euro, joining MAG Ireland means that you’re adding your voice to make us all stronger.

Donating to MAG Ireland. If you can’t afford a membership, we’d really appreciate a donation, however small.  €10 will buy 2 reams of paper. €5 will buy 7 postage stamps.

Donations are made via PayPal to

All funds go directly to promoting & protecting motorcycling for motorcyclists in Ireland.

Thank You.