Benefits of Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs)

Increased use of powered two wheelers (mopeds and motorcycles) has many benefits for citizens, for businesses and for the nation. Conventional prejudice says that motorcycles are too dangerous for the government to promote yet research shows motorcycle and moped use to be as safe or even safer than the much promoted bicycle.

For the user PTWs provide convenient and economical door-to-door transport at all hours. Modern motorcycles and mopeds are as easy to run and as reliable as a modern car and while riding properly is more challenging than driving, it is also much more enjoyable and rewarding.

Unlike public transport, increased PTW use does not require costly investment in infrastructure, additional traffic disruption or long waiting times for the benefits. PTW use is also much more adaptable to changing needs and travel patterns. On overall average occupancy figures PTW use is as environmentally friendly as public transport.

Motorcycles are an important part of the solution to modern transport needs.

Benefits of increased PTW use

To Citizens

  • Financial savings – PTWs cost less to purchase, run and maintain than cars and reduce need for second car per household.
  • Time savings – Urban commuting time reduces on average 50% (plus there are big savings on parking costs).
  • More reliable journey times giving a greater sense of control and less stress.
  • Enjoyment of an environmentally friendly and pleasurable mode of personal transport.

To Businesses

  • Less need for expensive parking spaces at premises so less pressure to move out of city centre.
  • Commuting and travel times are both reduced and more reliable (less susceptible to congestion).
  • Reduced stress due to less frustration at traffic jams and enjoyment of motorcycling.

To Everybody

  • Less congestion, PTWs are the solution to traffic jams and even when blocked by cars take up little road space.
  • Less pollution, modern motorcycles and mopeds are quiet and environmentally friendly
    (and nothing can be less environmentally friendly than a car idling in traffic for hours).
  • Less pressure on parking spaces, up to 5 PTWs can fit in a car parking space.
  • No damage to road surfaces as with heavy vehicles.

What the Government can do

  • Actively promote motorcycling in transport plans and planning guidelines.
  • Allow motorcycles to use bus lanes and introduce advanced stop lines at junctions for PTWs and cyclists.
  • Provide dedicated motorcycle parking areas.
  • Implement European driving licence regulations to make motorcycling more attractive to older riders.
  • Reduce Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) and eliminate luxury tax on safety items such as helmets.
  • Support motorcyclist safety initiatives such as training and awareness campaigns.

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