MAG attends FEMA Annual General Meeting in Brussels

On Friday 3rd February last, our Chairman & European Liaison Peter Bartlett flew out to Brussels to represent MAG Ireland (The Irish Motorcyclists’ Association) the annual general meeting of FEMA – The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations.

FEMA meetings are held several times a year and provide an opportunity for riders representatives from across Europe to meet and share information about what’s happening on the ground in their respective countries as well as exchange information and collaborate on common challenges such as EU regulations affecting motorcycling.

Chairman Peter Bartlett (second from left) with the delegates to the FEMA annual general meeting, Brussels, Saturday 4th Feb 2017

MAG Ireland Chairman Peter Bartlett (second from left) with the delegates to the FEMA annual general meeting, Brussels, Saturday 4th Feb 2017. Image Credit: FEMA

Thanks to our participation in FEMA, we in MAG Ireland are able to leverage the work done by other much larger and better resourced motorcycling organisations in Europe. By borrowing from their collective research we’re much better positioned to deliver solid evidence-based proposals in support of motorcycling to policy makers here in Ireland.

Thanks to FEMA we’re also in a much better position to defend Irish riders from some of the ill conceived policies that surface from time to time, many of which you never get to hear about simply because they are quietly abandoned when challenged with the evidence gained from our collective efforts with our European colleagues.

MAG Ireland is a founder member of FEMA and we believe that the pan European co-operation of motorcyclists representative organisations is the most effective and efficient way to represent the interests of Irish motorcyclists at a European level.

This weekend, as on so many others, the volunteers of MAG Ireland have been on the ground in Europe hard at work on behalf of the Irish rider for the benefit of all of us who take to the roads on two wheels.

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