Guidelines for motorcyclist-friendly guardrails published

Today MAG Ireland brings you news of a new initiative by F.E.M.A. to promote motorcyclist friendly crash barriers. The initiative aims to establish a comprehensive database of barrier designs including manufacturing guidelines and best practice for roads authorities along with test protocols and standards.

Guidelines for motorcyclist friendly crash barriers

The following press release is issued today via F.E.M.A. and is available to download as Microsoft Word format (click here) or Adobe PDF format (click here).

Guidelines for motorcyclist-friendly guardrails published

The Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA) launched today a dedicated website to promote motorcyclist-friendly road barriers, featuring a comprehensive database of existing barriers, a listing of manufacturers and guidelines detailing current standards and best practices for the benefit of road authorities.

Most road restraint systems do not offer any protection to motorcyclists falling off, sliding or rolling onto the pavement. Victims are likely to hit one or more posts which have no energy absorption properties. As a result, collision with guardrail posts is a major cause of fatal motorcyclist injury, along with serious limb and organ injury often leading to amputation.

A great variety of motorcycle protection systems is available in Europe. These products can be installed along the road or combined with existing road restraint systems and offer protection not only to car occupants but also to users of two-wheelers. presents these products and offers a comprehensive search function to help interested road authorities and infrastructure operators identify suitable products. Manufacturers are also invited to provide information about their products.

The website includes a download link to the  publication “New Standards for Road Restraint Systems for Motorcyclists – Designing safer roadsides for motorcyclists”. This document provides accurate and complete information on the solutions available to road authorities and infrastructure operators who wish to upgrade road restraint systems, by presenting the current technical standards available, statistical data and in-depth research, accident profiles configurations, as well as best practices and success stories.

In addition, the Guardrail Guidelines feature a comprehensive list of road restraint products available on the market today, their characteristics, their use, the standards against which they are tested, and guidelines on where and how they should be used to the best benefit.


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MAG Ireland is a founder member of F.E.M.A. and has contributed to the initiative. The aim, essentially, is to provide a one stop shop for roads engineers, transport authorities and other interested parties to locate and compare guardrails and road restraint barriers.

Motorcyclist Protection System Database

MAG Ireland will be forwarding a package of the relevant documentation to the NSAI, Road Safety Authority, National Roads Authority, Department of Transport and others in due course.