Aon/Axa confirm “Six Wheel Policy”

Following numerous enquiries to the MAG office regarding the availability of a “six wheel policy” MAG Ireland has been in contact with AXA on behalf of our members.

AXA have confirmed to us in writing that they do offer a “Six Wheel Deal” through Aon who handle motorcycle insurance on their behalf, although MAG Ireland understands that it’s possible to obtain the policy direct from AXA. To quote the AXA letter;

The “Six Wheel Deal” allows a discount for policyholders who have a car in addition to their bike. The discounts are:
• 40% if the car is insured with AXA
• 30% if the car is not insured with AXA
(The discount only applies if cover on the car is restricted to the policyholder and his/her spouse)

MAG Ireland has long campaigned for a wider choice of insurance products for motorcycle users, and we are pleased to see that at least one insurer is making some effort in this regard. MAG Ireland does not endorse any one insurance company over any other, but we publish this information in the hope that it may benefit some of our members.