Draft Transport Strategy Consultation

Sustainable Transport?

Sustainable Transport?

The National Transport Authority (formerly the Dublin Transportation Office)  has launched the final consultation phase of their Draft Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area, 2011-2030.

MAG Ireland today highlights the absurdity of a strategy which willfully ignores our mode of transport – yes, you guessed it, there’s scarcely any mention of motorcycles at all save for the issue of parking at railway stations.

So what is the Draft Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area?

It’s a proposed long term transport Strategy which will guide all transport planning in the Greater Dublin Area including counties Dublin, Kildare, Meath and Wicklow from 2011 until 2030.

MAG Ireland is currently studying this document and will be making a formal submission in due course. Our initial reading of the strategy reveals a shockingly ill-informed document dripping with safety & environmental rhetoric, and vehemently against the use of private motor transport of any sort save for a grudging nod towards the use of electric vehicles. The relevant information is all available to download on the NTA’s public consultation web site here; http://www.2030vision.ie/

Amongst the proposals are solid plans for “road user charging” – in other words, more tolls and congestion charging. Also of note are specific mention of rigorous enforcement of bus lane infringements & widespread use of 30 kph speed limits.

MAG Ireland urges all motorcyclists, whether MAG members or not, to read the document and make a submission. The time period for public consultation started on 28th February 2011 and closes at 5.00pm on Monday 11th April 2011.

If adopted, the Strategy becomes a key guidance document that all local authorities and transport agencies must consult in developing subsequent plans or schemes.

MAG Ireland will be drafting a formal response in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on the MAG web site for updates in the meantime. If you have anything you want to add, e-mail us on office@magireland.org or click here to use the contact form on the site.

Update: 11th April 2011: MAG Ireland response now available for download. Click here for more…