MAG Ireland responds to NTA Consultation

MAG Ireland recently highlighted the National Transport Authority’s consultation on their Vision 2030 web site.

At the time we wrote that our initial reading their Draft Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area, 2011-2030 showed it contained some serious flaws. This might be expected of a document which mentions the word “cycling” 203 times, but in which the word “motorcycling” does not appear at all.

Nevertheless, MAG Ireland has taken the time and effort to draft a constructive response in which we highlight how and where the increased use of motorcycles can help to support the key strategy objectives.

Our key concerns include;

  • The failure to make the modal distinction between cars & motorcycles
  • Placing the road users who contribute most to the exchequer at the bottom of the transport hierarchy
  • Proposals to remove N-Road designations inside the M50
  • Plans for further “road user charging” including a “per kilometer charge”

There are many more measures which are detrimental to motorised transport generally, and we encourage all riders, whether MAG members or not, to download and read our response. Only by understanding the nature of the threats we face is it possible to defend ourselves against them. While MAG Ireland takes a pro-active approach and engages with the consultation process we do not shy away from highlighting what we believe are the key flaws and omissions in this transport strategy.

You can download our response to he consultation document by clicking here. (PDF, 250 kb)