CBT (IBT) From December 6th 2010

CBT from December 6th

As expected, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) has announced the details of it’s compulsory training scheme for car & motorcycle users. The full details are available on the RSA web site at;

Key points for motorcyclists:
1. Compulsory Basic Training from December 6th 2010. All new applicants on or after this date will be required to undertake 16 hours of compulsory training with an approved driving instructor. The RSA uses the term mandatory initial basic training (or IBT), but it’s the same syllabus as previously outlined.

2. Changes to the driving test. A new driving test scheduled to be introduced in late 2011 is expected to be much more comprehensive than the existing test.

There will also be a reduced alcohol limit for learners from September 2011, higher penalty points for learner and probationary drivers, a hazard perception test, and a number of other measures. See the RSA web site for the full list of measures.

Q. What if I am on a learner permit now, will I have to undergo 16 hours training?
A. No. The new motorcycle training requirement applies only to people taking out a motorcycle learner permit for the first time on or after 6th December 2010.

Q. What about the requirement for R plates, will I need an ‘R’ tabbard similar to the ‘L’ tabbard?
A. MAG Ireland is not aware of any such requirement at this point.