Riders are Voters 2016

With the announcement of the upcoming General Election, MAG Ireland has formally launched our Riders are Voters campaign to remind our prospective candidates about the issues facing us as riders on the roads of Ireland every day.

Our members tell us that the key issues for them are:

  • VAT – In particular the punitive luxury rate of 23% on compulsory safety equipment. If it’s compulsory, it’s not a luxury!

    Riders Are Voters 2016

    Riders Are Voters 2016

  • Roads – Years of austerity have taken their toll and our secondary roads in particular are suffering the effects.
  • Bus Lanes – Northern Ireland takes a constructive approach while South of the border we continue to have only limited access.
  • Insurance – Premiums are once again on the rise despite a dramatic fall in casualties over the past decade.
  • Policy – Waterford encourages motorcycles, scooters and mopeds while towns like Drogheda and Galway put obstacles in the way. We need joined up thinking.

MAG Ireland has consistently campaigned for and on behalf of Irish motorcyclists, but the election is an opportunity for us, collectively, to make our voices heard in a way we cannot do at any other time.

Download our Questionnaire

Our handy questionnaire is now available to download. Save it to your phone or print it out and keep it by the door because politicians are coming looking for your vote. Ask these questions, and look for actual constructive commitments to tackle at least some of the issues. If nothing else, at least they’ll have been reminded of the issues before MAG Ireland contacts them!

Riders Are Voters 2016

Riders Are Voters 2016 Flyer, click to download PDF Version.