MAG Ireland calls on motorists to be “Bike Aware”

MAG Ireland is calling for drivers to be “Bike Aware” this bank holiday weekend. Not only is it one of the busiest weekends of the year on the roads, it’s also the height of the biking season.

Our advice for drivers is simple – “Look twice for bikes”

  • Look twice before changing lanes or turning left or right
  • Look twice before pulling out of a junction
  • Look twice at roundabouts
MAG Ireland calls on drivers to be Bike Aware

MAG Ireland calls on drivers to be Bike Aware

Our advice for riders is equally simple – “Ride defensively”

  • Riding defensively means riding like you expect the unexpected.
  • Riding defensively means thinking ahead and giving yourself time to react
  • Riding defensively means being in the right position at the right speed in the right gear for the conditions.

We want everyone – riders, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike – to have a safe and enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend.

Ride Safe!