FEMA launches new web site

FEMA (The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations) has unveiled a new web site at its scheduled meeting in Brussels today.

The launch follows discussions which took place during the FEMA meeting in Lexlip, Co. Kildare earlier this year during which the Brussels based lobby group outlined a programme to overhaul its communications to better support its core aims.

FEMA Delegates

FEMA Delegates at today’s meeting

MAG Ireland’s Peter Bartlett joined delegates from across Europe in Brussels for the launch. Speaking during a break from the meeting he said:

As a founder member of FEMA, we in MAG Ireland recognise the need for effective communications. Its essential to our collective mandate to represent riders in the most effective possible way. This is a positive step forward for FEMA and will help to consolidate our efforts at the EU level on behalf of all riders.

The regular FEMA meetings in Brussels are an opportunity for rider representatives from across Europe to exchange information, ideas and expertise for the benefit of riders. They also represent the only opportunity for us to collectively analyse and respond to regulations coming out of the EU which will have an effect on all riders. Click on the image below to visit the new FEMA web site.

New FEMA web site

New FEMA web site – click to open

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