RSA – Hide and seek

The Road Safety Authority this week launched two new television adverts aimed at raising awareness of motorcyclists among drivers.

The adverts are short at just 20 seconds each and anchored on the premise that:

The most vulnerable person on the road is the one you can’t see.

To date, thirteen motorcyclists have died on Irish roads this year. Several of these cases involved another vehicle violating the rider’s right of way. MAG Ireland fully endorses the RSA’s efforts in raising awareness among drivers and indeed this is a subject we specifically raised at our last meeting with the RSA.

MAG Ireland also advises riders to be ultra vigilant, especially on the approach to junctions. Never assume that a driver has seen you. Expect the unexpected and ride at a speed such that you can stop in the distance you can see to be clear. Never overtake on approach to a junction or filling station.

So far, 2014 is proving to be another bad year for motorcycle casualties. This trend has to be stopped and awareness among drivers is key to that. We as riders must do everything we can to ensure they don’t get the chance to say “Sorry mate I didn’t see you”.

In the meantime, share the RSA adverts on your social media accounts and remind your non-biking family and friends that we are not invisible.



Hide and Seek/The Magician – Road Safety Authority

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