RSA’s Driving Test Consultation

Plastic Card License

Plastic Card License

The RSA recently launched a public consultation on proposed changes to the practical driving test.

While there are no motorcycle specific amendments proposed at this stage, the reforms will affect all candidates sitting the practical test regardless of category.

There are eight changes proposed as follows:

  1. Increase the amount of time of on-road driving time
  2. Introduce independent driving into the practical driving tests
  3. Include the assessment of eco-driving techniques in the practical test
  4. Hazard management should be assessed in the practical test
  5. Change the emphasis of the oral part of the practical test to be an assessment of understanding
  6. Remove the oral part of the practical test to allow for more emphasis to be put on the on road driving assessment.
  7. Driver tester feedback after the driving test
  8. HGV specific recommendations

MAG Ireland will be making a formal response on behalf of our members and we will in due course be publishing that on our web site at where you’ll also find our previous responses to various public consultations.