Liberty Insurance – 46% of drivers admit to acts that are “unsafe”


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A recent survey by Milward Brown on behalf of Liberty Insurance revealed that 13% of drivers stated they engaged in digital distractions behind the wheel.

9% admitted to using their phone while driving and 4% to the lethal practice of texting while driving.

Calling on Irish drivers to look at their own behaviour , Liberty Insurance said:

Our research found that while people were quick to point out bad behaviour by others, most failed to recognise their own in-car activities as dangerous. Only 3% of Irish drivers admitted to being unsafe drivers, yet an astonishing 46% of drivers admitted to acts that are unsafe.

Back in 2012 MAG Ireland reported on a distracted driving study which found that “The most revealing result was the 79% reduction in attention while texting and driving, and this was the only test which caused any participant to crash the simulated car.” (source)

At our last AGM, MAG Ireland adopted a motion to push for action on distracted driving. Since then, we’ve seen a number of positive steps in this area including a determined effort to stamp out the practice of using mobile phones while driving.

Now Liberty Insurance is calling on Irish drivers to look at their own behaviour and make a change and that is something we in MAG Ireland fully support. Too many riders have been hurt, or worse, by the inattention of drivers focused on their phones. Our message to drivers is a simple one.

Put the Phone Down
Look Twice
Save a Life!

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