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Update 30th September 2013: The transition period has now closed and the new regulations are in effect as of 1st October 2013. We leave the post below for information. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this topic. Hopefully we saved you some money.

A three month transition period begins Monday 1st July according The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport who have been in contact with us in MAG Ireland in relation to the changes.


If you have a motorcycle which is currently unused, you must declare it off the road or you may be liable for any arrears owing when you next try to tax it. The old system whereby you declared the vehicle off the road after the fact is being scrapped.

According to the Department, during this transitional period:

Those whose vehicles have not been on the road must make a declaration of non-use for the period in question and either take out a new vehicle licence or make a declaration of non-use, that is, inform the motor tax authorities of their intention not to use the vehicle in a public place.

The Department then goes on to say that:

Following the end of the transition period, the current system whereby a person can go to a Garda Station and make a declaration that a vehicle was off the road, without having to pay arrears, will cease, and you will be liable to pay all motor tax arrears before a new vehicle license can be issued in respect of the vehicle.

We in MAG Ireland have been asked to disseminate this information in the Irish motorcycle community, and in this regard we are asking you to share post with others. The full text of the Department’s communication is below.

This is the Q&A document from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport
Q&A document

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Questions and Answers

Download this poster and put it up in your workplace or club
SORN Poster

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PDF Format, 240 KB

This is the new RF 150 Form you need to declare a vehicle off the road
Form RF150 Declaration of non use of a motor vehicle

Click to download form.
PDF Format, 156KB

This is the old RF 100A Form you need to declare a vehicle off the road Retrospectively
You can only use this until end September.
Form RF100A

Click to download form.
PDF Format, 156KB

If you own a bike which is currently untaxed/off the road, and you want to keep it off the road for some time to come, you will need both the RF100A form (for the period the bike has been untaxed to date) and the RF150 form (for the period the bike will continue to be off road in the future). Remember you have to get this sorted before the end of September or it’ll cost you.

Update, September 5th 2013: Where a Vehicle Registration Certificate has been lost or destroyed Form RF134 must be completed and forwarded to your local motor tax office with a fee of 12 Euro. The RF134 form must be witnessed and stamped by a member of An Garda Siochana. All forms are available on the motortax.ie web site at the folling link:

MAG Ireland LogoWe in MAG Ireland will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds. If you have difficulties with the process you need to contact your local motor tax office in the first instance.

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Update: 5th September 2013. We received the following information from Jim Phillips via Facebook and we’re posting it here with his permission. It should hopefully give you some idea of what to expect when you go to the local motor tax office to do the paperwork. Thanks Jim!
Visited my local motor taxation office today. 75 people ahead of me and two and a half hours out of my life. Although I came out with nothing it was not the most unpleasant experience as the staff were helpful. Hope some some of you can gain by my experience.

1. If you have a bike registered and have the cert but have not taxed in years. You must complete an RF100A form for the period of missed tax and get it signed and stamped at your local Garda station. You must do this before the end of September or you will be liable for road tax for the full period. No appeals you will have to pay.

2. If you have a bike, are the registered owner but cannot locate the logbook you can get the vehicle registration number from the clerk in the motor Tax office. Any arrears must be coverered by an RF100A as in the last case.

3. If you are the registered owner, cannot find the registration documents and the chassis number is obliterated as is the case with one stolen recovered I have. On production of valid photo ID the Motor tax office clerk will print off all the details that you require for the RF150 for. As in all the other cases if you have a period where there is no tax you must also complete the RF100A and have it signed and stamped by local garda.

4. If you have a bike that you purchased received the old buff logbook but never changed to your name and now cannot find the logbook you must check with shannon archives to determine the original owner and apply for a replacement document. If that is not possible you must make a statutory declaration giving details about the bike. Have the bike checked and stamped by a main dealer to confirm the chassis number and have the document signed by a commissioner for oaths. Then complete RF150 when the bike is registered to you.

5. If you have a project bike with no paperwork you must complete a statutory declaration as above apply for a registration document in your name and complete RF when you have it registered.

6. If you have an imported bike but no documentation. You must talk to the NCT information and find out how to register the bike. If you have documentation from the country of origin it should be straightforward. ( I don’t, so this should be interesting) They will give you an Irish number and a RF100 form. You will only be liable for tax from the date that the vehicle is registered in Ireland.

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