Kevin Ash

Kevin Ash

Kevin Ash
Image: MCN

It is with great sadness we report the death of Kevin Ash, one of the finest journalists motorcycling has ever had. Details are not yet clear but he apparently crashed while test riding the new water-cooled BMW GS at its launch in South Africa.

While death is unfortunately not rare when we speak of our passion for bikes, it is very unusual if not unique for a journalist to die while road testing a bike and even rarer for MAG Ireland to report on the fact. Mr Ash however, was a rare gem indeed.

It is easy to criticise the press and media in general for selective news bites that only get their pitch to the biggest possible audience – regardless of the actual truth. Kevin however, was exceptional for blunt, accurate, honest and easily understood truth.

You knew you could rely on his writing to be a good read, reliable and trustworthy – especially if it related to a new bike review or a technical article where you needed to find facts and not sales hype before parting with money. His focus was whole truth and not assumption. He would report as he found and not pander to any manufacturers claims. This made him many friends among motorcycle consumers and fans to his writing.

Those that knew him are shocked and finding it hard to believe he’s gone. His riding skill and joy for motorcycles was plain to see and infectious to be around. No big ego, he never played on his reputation and would encourage and assist all to become a rider, a motoring writer or whatever it was you wanted out of biking – he was a gentle unassuming family man that leaves behind a wife and three daughters.

Motorcycling has lost a star and we have too few of those.

Rest in Peace Kevin Ash.

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