Carole Nash announces moped policy for young riders

Carole Nash Insurance has announced a new policy aimed at young riders on small capacity bikes. The policy will cover riders of 16 years and over on 50cc mopeds.

Welcoming the announcement, MAG Ireland’s PRO Victor Donnelly said:

For some time now MAG Ireland has been pressing all of the Irish insurers to look again at the options offered to young riders in particular. In that context we in MAG Ireland welcome this announcement from Carole Nash as a positive development for the market in general and especially for young riders who have traditionally been burdened with high insurance costs.

MAG Ireland has received the following press release from Carole Nash Insurance Consultants, and we reproduce it below in full for your information (PDF, 255KB). For details on the products offered by Carole Nash, see their web site at:

Carole Nash Press Release

Click to download Press Release, PDF format, 255KB