ACEM – Motorcycling Matters!

ACEM LogoMobility, leisure and opportunities for social inclusion are some of the key benefits motorcycling brings to society according to ACEM, the body which represents motorcycle manufacturers in Europe. In an effort to deliver that message in an accessible way, ACEM have produced a video showing the role that motorcycles (or “powered two wheelers”) play in our society.

The video was produced for ACEM’s 9th conference, and demonstrates how motorcycles benefit society in a number of ways. To quote ACEM:

From sports to tourism, from commuting to small logistics, motorcycles, scooters and other small vehicles belonging to the L-category provide mobility, leisure and opportunities for social inclusion. A role that deserves being recognised and promoted.

ACEM’s video, screened at the 9th ACEM conference, explains how motorcycling contributes to quality of life through jobs, affordable mobility, and the enjoyment of sports and tourism. Motorcycling contributes towards wider economic and social goals.

For our part, MAG Ireland has long championed the benefits of motorcycles, particularly so in our dealings with the various transport authorities on behalf of riders. The true social and economic benefits will only be fully realised when motorcycles, mopeds and scooters are accorded their proper place in transport planning, something ACEM highlights in their video.

Watch the video on YouTube: Click Here

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