National Ride to Work Day – Monday 17th June 2013

Image credit: MCNMAG Ireland is asking for your support for this years National Ride to Work day. The idea is simple, get on your bike and ride to work, school/college, or simply meet up with a few like minded souls for breakfast or a coffee. The aim is to get as many bikes on the road as possible, and to raise awareness among other road users about the benefits of motorcycling.

We really want to see as many of Ireland’s 50,000+ registered motorcycles on the roads as possible on June 17th next, but we can only do it with your help! If you normally drive a car or van to work, or you usually only ride the bike on the weekends, here’s an opportunity for you to get out and and enjoy riding your bike.

Need more reasons?

· Save money.
· Save time.
· Less fuel and emissions.
· Less hassle.
· Arrive happy. How many other commuters enjoy their daily trip to work?

You can do your bit to raise awareness of biking among other road users, and in so doing help to raise the profile of biking in this country.

A 2011 report from Professor Pierre Kopp, Director of Applied Economics at the Sorbonne University in Paris, found that nearly three times more motorcycles were on the streets of Paris than the official figures recorded and that this delivered substantial transport benefits to the city.

Here in Ireland, the authorities continue to ignore the benefits motorcycling brings but you can help to change that by simply getting out on your bike and enjoying yourself!

If you’re organising a meet up for National Ride to Work Day and you want to get the word out, drop an e-mail to let us know.