Riderscan Project Survey

Our European colleagues in FEMA have asked us to alert Irish riders to a survey which aims to build up a picture of  motorcycle safety in Europe, and MAG Ireland is encouraging Irish riders to add their voice to the project.

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The online survey consists of 5 parts (total of 40 questions) surveying the following:

    1. General information about you
    2. Your mobility habits
    3. Your riding habits
    4. Your safety habits
    5. Your safety views and attitudes

Answering all questions will normally take around 15 minutes of your time. The survey is anonymous and the privacy of all submitted data is guaranteed.

Click on the graphic below to launch the survey.

Riderscan Survey

Click to launch the survey.

Need to know more?

The RIDERSCAN project is coordinated by FEMA – www.fema-online.eu – the European federation of national road rider organisations of which MAG Ireland is a founder member.

Co-funded by the European Commission, the project was set up to gather existing information on motorcycle safety in Europe, identify needs for action and create a cross border knowledge-based network. The results will build a database for use by road safety professionals in Europe and across the world.

The RIDERSCAN project is supported by:

  • FEMA, (of which MAG Ireland is a founding member) – FEMA is the European federation of national road rider organisations.
  • The European Commission as part of the 7th Framework Programme for Research.
  • The French Motorcyclists’ Mutual Insurance company Mutuelle des Motards which is owned by it’s policy holders.
  • ACEM (Association des Constructeurs européens de Motocycles), the Motorcycle Industry representative body in Europe.

If you want the in-depth details on this project, see the Riderscan web site at: 

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