Speed Limits Working Group publishes recommendations

Average speed limits could be introduced on motorways or other long-distance fixed roads under new proposals published by the Speed Limits Working Group which was set up by Minister Varadkar to address the inconsistencies in Ireland’s speed limits.

Department of Tourism, Transport and Sport

The major points of the review, carried out by the department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, include:

  • 80kmh signs on narrow country roads will be removed
  • New ‘rural speed limit’ signs will be introduced to replace them
  • New appeals mechanism for inappropriate speed limits
  • Every speed limit will be audited every five years
  • ‘Silly signs’ which may encourage inappropriate speeds will be removed
  • Road work speed restrictions will be limited to construction period
  • Variable speed limits, average speed detection, and in-car satnav speed warnings will be piloted

MAG Ireland welcomes the recommendations as a positive step in ensuring a balanced and transparent approach to the setting of limits appropriate to the road in question. In particular, we welcome the announcement that the limits are to be reviewed every five years.

In addition we welcome the announcement that special speed limits, which are currently the remit of a city or county council, will be subject to review and engineering oversight. Such limits are intended for use in specific locations, such as pedestrian-centric areas, shopping precincts and school entrances.  However, they have been used inappropriately, for example the blanket 30kph limits imposed on large urban areas and key arterial routes in Dublin.

Blatantly inappropriate speed limits do nothing but damage public support for road safety in general, and MAG Ireland welcomes the announcement that this issue is finally being addressed.

Read the full report here: