Update on EU Regulations from Right to Ride

Northern Ireland based Right to Ride have published a report called “State of Play – Malcolm in the middle” in which they summarise the current situation regarding the EU Regulations including the controversial Article 18 and the delegated acts.

Following up on a “high level” meeting in Brussels on May 15th 2012, this is a frank and revealing report which covers the major aspects of the proposals including ABS, Emissions, and anti-tamper. Crucially, Right to Ride points out that ‘heavy’ motorcycles (those you can currently ride on a full “A” license) will not be subject to anti-tamper measures.

Furthermore, such measures are aimed at manufacturers, not end users. In other words, you will still be able to modify your bike. To quote Right to Ride:

In simple terms, what this means is that Joe Citizen can go to a dealer anywhere in Europe and buy a bike in the knowledge that this vehicle will be safe, clean and under warranty. Important to point out once again that these new regulations will only affect NEW vehicles.

MAG Ireland commends Right to Ride on this report and we would urge anyone with an interest in the subject to read it carefully.

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Right to Ride’s report “State of Play – Malcolm in the middle”  is here: