Right to Ride – More on EU Regs

Northern Ireland’s Right to Ride has published another update on the Type Approval/EU Regulations situation. To quote Right to Ride post;

Right To Ride has the latest news on the EU motorcycle proposal (aka Approval and market surveillance of 2 or 3 wheel vehicles and quadricycles) from Brussels as of today, 5 p.m. Friday 8th June.

Yesterday the IMCO Committee (Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee), Council and Commission met to discuss the EU motorcycle proposal.

Note that these discussions aka informal trialogues are still ongoing and until the fat lady sings (until the Council adopts and parliament vote confirms), nothing is cast in stone, and in these negotiations nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, so the situation remains fluid.

However, they talked a lot and worked out further compromises which we think are working towards a solution that will be acceptable even for the most sceptical.

Right to Ride’s post goes on to report on the arguments around ABS, Anti-tampering/Article 18, OBD and the timetable for implementation.

Read the full post on the Right to Ride web site at: http://www.righttoride.eu/?p=9726