MAG UK Demo 24th June

Our colleagues in MAG UK are holding another “motorway demo” on Sunday, June 24th in opposition to the proposed EU regulations. We in MAG Ireland have declared our support for our colleagues in MAG UK, and are in regular contact with them.Contrary to what you may have heard or read elsewhere, this is not a Europe wide day of protest. There are plans afoot for a Euro Demo in September, however these are in the early stages at present. It now looks likely that the vote on the EU regulations will be put back until September in any event.


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While MAG Ireland will be supporting MAG UK’s protest, it has not yet been clarified what format this support will take here in Ireland and we are in ongoing communications with MAG UK on this. Representation will be made to Irish MEP’s before Sunday 24th June and we will also be proposing to meet with some MEP’s on Sunday 24th, in tandem with our UK and French biker colleagues, where an official protest document will be delivered. We will be communicating the thoughts and concerns of Irish bikers in respect of proposed upcoming EU regulations, particularly Article 18 and the delegated acts, and will be seeking clarification of the proposed content of these delegated acts which are as yet unwritten.

MAG Ireland is working with our colleagues in MAG UK, FFMC in France, and other riders rights organisations across Europe via F.E.M.A., the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations and we are in regular and ongoing contact with them about the proposed EU regulations. We will update this post once our actions for June 24th are finalised.

Update, 19th June 2012: Since this post went up, there have been several clarifications around the Tpye Approval situation. For more see the following post: