FEMA – Type Approval discussion enters crucial phase

Following MAG Ireland’s update on Type Approval yesterday, FEMA, The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations, has today issued an update in relation to the EU Type Approval Regulation (Approval and market surveillance of two – or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles).

In it’s analysis, FEMA has confirmed some of the points we highlighted in our previous post about Type Approval such as the fact that full power bikes (those you can ride on an unrestricted A license) will be excluded from anti tamper provisions.

The FEMA article goes into some detail about the other aspects of the regulation including Emissions, durability testing, ABS, one off builds and more besides. It’s essential reading for anyone following the Type Approval issue.

MAG Ireland is a founder member of  The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations, and it is through FEMA that we continue to work with other riders rights organisations from across Europe to monitor and lobby on EU issues such as the Type Approval regulations. For example, in common with other FEMA member organisations, we will continue to push for the exclusion of A1 and A2 category motorcycles from anti-tamper measures.

You can read the FEMA assessment of the Type Approval situation in full on the FEMA web site at: