ACEM reports big fall in Motorcycle sales across EU

ACEM, the association which represents the motorcycle industry in Europe, has reported a significant drop in motorcycle sales across Europe during 2011 with numbers down by some 170,000 units on the previous year as the economic crisis continues to bite. ACEM reports that this is the fourth consecutive year in  which sales have fallen and notes a particularly worrying trend for falls in previously strong markets such as Italy, Spain and France. The situation in Greece, where sales are down by 25%, is perhaps not surprising given that the economic situation there is especially harsh. Overall, according to ACEM, some 2.7 million motorcycles were sold in Europe in 2007 whereas the 2011 figure was around 1.7 million motorcycles, which of course means a drop of about one million new motorcycles on the roads over the four years of 2008-2011.

EU Motorcycle Sales 2007-2011

EU Motorcycle Sales 2007-2011 (Source: ACEM)

MAG Ireland is aware of anecdotal evidence that the Irish motorcycle industry is struggling too, and the figures for Europe don’t inspire confidence that things will improve anytime soon. While ACEM clearly believes, as we do, that the motorcycles and scooters offer an untapped resource for reducing congestion and emissions as well as improving mobility, it’s apparent that the authorities here have yet to see the light as demonstrated by our continued exclusion from bus lanes and the NTA’s refusal to recognise a motorcycle as modally distinct from a car.

It seems likely that, as is the case with car sales, motorcycle sales will recover only when the wider economy does. We could be in for a long wait.

ACEM Report:

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