2013 Motorcycle Tax Rates

MAG Ireland are pleased to note that motorcycles have emerged relatively unscathed from today’s budget.

While many motorists will feel the pinch of today’s tax increases – motorcycles remain an economically viable option. New rates for 2013 as below:

  • Electric Cycles : Was €33 Now €35
  • Not Over 75cc : Was €46 Now €49
  • 76-200cc : Was €62 Now €67
  • Above 200cc : Was €82 Now €88
  • Veteran & Vintage : Was €24 Now €26

Source : http://budget.gov.ie/Budgets/2013/Documents/Annex%20C%20-%20VRT%20and%20Motor%20Tax.pdf Page B33

We note with expected disappointment the lack of movement on applying VAT on PPE, ensuring we pay an extra tax for mandatory safety equipment, however the rate has, at least, avoided an increase this year.