Updates on the transition to the new Licencing rules in 2013

Some interesting information was recently posted by ADI Tony Moore on the biker.ie forum.
Only got this info this week but its 99.9% that this is the way its going to be.

  • If you have a current [pre 2013] restricted learner permit and you pass your test after 19 Jan next year [2013] you will be automatically issued an A2 licence (regardless of age 18+ or how long you have had your learner permit)

[This applies] even if you held your learner permit prior to Dec 2010 (pre IBT)

If you wish to move up to the A unrestricted you can do this two ways.
Provided you’re 24 or over

  1. Hand in your current learner permit and take out the new A unrestricted
    • If you have completed IBT previously you will have to complete the conversion module and then take the test and you will have a full A licence with no restrictions.
    • If you have no IBT then you will have to do the full course even if you held your learner permit prior to Dec 6th 2010
  2. Wait till after 19 jan hand in your learner permit and take the test get your A2 (restricted ) wait 2 years then complete the IBT, A conversion module and take the IBT cert to the motortax office to be issued a Full A unrestricted

The only other change is you now also have the option to short cut your current restriction.

For example if you passed your test this week and don’t want to wait the two years you can, provided you’re 24 or over after the 19 Jan you can do a conversion module IBT and as above bring it to the motor tax office to exchange for the full A unrestricted