Right to Ride – No Mandatory RWT For Motorcycles

Northern Ireland based Right to Ride reports that the European Council has deleted the requirement for mandatory Road Worthiness Testing for motorcycles. They go on to say:

The latest documentation has suggested major changes by the council most important of which is the proposed regulation is to become a Directive and includes text such as, “Testing during the lifecycle of a vehicle should be relatively simple, quick and inexpensive.”

It would appear however that mopeds have not escaped the net, although the situation appears to be somewhat fluid at this stage.

We in MAG Ireland have consistently pointed out that the EU Commission used flawed data in its original proposals, and we brought this to the attention of Irish M.E.P.s with Gay Mitchell subsequently raising the issue in the European Parliament during the debate on Type Approval.

We’ll be reporting further on the implications of this news for Irish riders in due course. In the meantime, you’ll find the full Right to Ride post on their web site at: