“No Con Test” Demo Report

The MAG Ireland “No Con Test” Demo saw hundreds of bikers take to the streets of Dublin on Saturday 22nd September 2012 to express their anger & disgust at the EU Commission.

"No Con Test" Demo Participants

“No Con Test” Demo, Dublin, 22.09.2012
Image Credit – Antoinette Keane


The Commission is proposing to extend roadworthiness testing (an NCT Style test) to motorcycles and mopeds, insisting – courtesy of testing giant DEKRA – that 8% of accidents involve technical failure despite their own evidence (via MAIDS study) showing the true figure to be 1.6%.

The proposal is therefore being pushed through on the basis of a lie supplied by a company which stands to gain hundreds of millions of Euro thanks to extended roadworthiness testing. This is unacceptable to us as riders and as citizens of the EU.

MAG Ireland "No Con Test" Demo

Image Credit – Antoinette Keane


On Saturday 22nd September, Irish riders took that message to the doors of the EU Commission offices in Dublin, and to the people of the capital city. At the same time, thousands of protesting motorcyclists rolled into Brussels as delegation from F.E.M.A. (The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations) met with European Union officials to discuss the proposal.

FEMA Protest in Brussels

FEMA Protest in Brussels
Image Credit – France24/AFP


F.E.M.A., of which MAG Ireland is a founder member, puts it bluntly:

This proposal is the result of heavy lobbying by vehicle inspection corporations, including giants like DEKRA, TüV and AutoFORE, who expect a rise in profits. The cost of heightened testing frequencies for motorcyclists across Europe is estimated at €1.2 billion a year, with no benefits expected in terms of safety, as proven by several independent studies.

FEMA, the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations, denounces the measure as useless and expensive, and opposes the European harmonization of technical inspection schemes.

The “No Con Test” demo was a well diciplined show of strength which left nobody in any doubt as to the feelings of Irish riders on this issue. MAG Ireland will be meeting with M.E.P. Gay Mitchell next week to deliver a report on the proposal and explain the situation from the riders perspective. You can help by downloading our form letter and sending it to the commission. (See box at bottom of post).

A selection of photos from the Demo in Dublin by photographer Antoinette Keane
See: http://antoinettekeane.blogspot.ie/

We in MAG Ireland extend our sincere thanks to all who turned up and took part on the day and who helped to make the demo a success.
Particular thanks go to our volunteers, marshalls and guides as well as the men and women of an Garda Siochana who helped to ensure the safety of public and participants alike on the day. Thanks also to the Little Coffee House for providing coffee and snacks to the participants, and to John Lea of wemovebikes.ie for providing breakdown and recovery assistance on the day. This demo could not have happened without the help and co-operation of everyone involved.

MAG Ireland have put together a letter to the EU Commission which you can download, edit and send. Simply fill in your own details where appropriate and post it to the EU Commission.

Download in Word Doc (.doc) format – here
Download in Rich Text (.rtf) format – here
Download in OpenDocument (.odt) format – here

Just one more thing…

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Thank you.

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