FFMC Paris “eggs” DEKRA in protest.

The French have a tradition of militant protest, and the Paris branch of FFMC have demonstrated it by “egging” DEKRA’s French HQ.

Who’s DEKRA? The vehicle testing company which, according to FEMA, provided the EU Commission with the 8% figure that the Commission is now using to justify the huge cost of extending NCT style tests to motorcycles and mopeds across the EU. If the regulation is adopted, DEKRA, along with other testing companies, stand to make tens of millions of Euro from riders across the EU.

France, like Ireland and many other European countries, does not currently have a roadworthiness test for motorcycles. Like us, the French are disgusted at the EU Commission pandering to the commercial interests of a private testing company.

After having driven Dekra out of the last big motorcycle fair (Mondial du deux-roues), the Paris group of FFMC (the French equivalent of MAG) has led a surprise action on Friday 21st September 2012, against the French headquarters of the company. Here’s what happened:

DEKRA’s French Headquarters “egged”
Image credit – Motomag.com

Having pelted the entrance to DEKRA’s headquarters with eggs, cooking oil and flour, the group proceeded to dump a ton of gravel at the entrance. We hear they chose gravel because there was nowhere to get manure at short notice!

Special delivery – a ton of gravel!
Image credit – Motomag.com

The group then unfurled a banner which read “No to Motorcycle Testing, No to DEKRA”. Having made their point fairly bluntly, the riders left.

FFMC was here
Image credit – Motomag.com

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