Quick Poll: How many motorcycles do you own?

MAG Ireland is currently doing some research into insurance. While we now have a slightly better range of providers compared to a few years ago, one aspect that seemingly baffles certain companies is the fact that many of us have more than one motorcycle.

Non riders often find it difficult to understand why any of us would own or run more than one motorcycle. This can come as a surprise to those of us who have a tradition of running a “winter hack” or riding something “sensible” to commute on and something “fun” when it’s warm and dry.

MAG Ireland is actively trying to engage with the insurers to help get premiums down for everyone on two (or sometimes three) wheels by encouraging competition. We all know you can only ride one bike at a time!!

This poll has now closed. Results were as follows.
One 168 (25.6%)
Two 240 (36.5%)
Three 128 (19.5%)
Four 45 (6.8%)
Five 27 (4.1%)
Six 17 (2.6%)
Seven 9 (1.4%)
Eight 5 (0.8%)
Nine 4 (0.6%)
Ten or more 14 (2.1%)
Total 657 (100%)
Full post to follow in due course.

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