Organ Donor Awareness Week, 2-9 April 2011

MAG Ireland is supporting Organ Donor Awareness Week which runs from the Saturday 2nd April through to Saturday 9th of April 2011.

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Carry the Card

2010 has seen the worst decline in organ donation on record with a 38% fall in organ transplants across the board. At the same time the number of patients requiring transplants has continued to increase. For example, the number of patients on dialysis at the end of 2003 was 1043. By the end of 2010 that number had risen to 1780.

In a sense, these kidney patients are the lucky ones, as dialysis can at least keep a patient alive indefinitely while they await a transplant. Currently there are some 650 people awaiting transplants in Ireland.

That’s 650 people who rely on the public’s willingness to donate organs after their death.

Carry the Card

MAG Ireland encourages everyone, riders and non riders alike, to carry an organ donor card, and to make sure your next of kin know your wishes. To obtain a plastic organ donor card, simply freetext ‘DONOR’ to 50050 or ask in your local Pharmacy/medical center.

The Organ Donor ECard is a new development that allows you to carry a donor card on your Android or Apple smart phone. It’s free to download from the app store for your device. Simply fill in your details, and keep the app symbol on the home page of your phone.

MAG Ireland is supporting Organ Donor Awareness Week by asking members and non members alike to carry a donor card & ensure your next of kin know your wishes. For more information see the Irish Kidney association web site at: