New quarterly payment option

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MAG Ireland is pleased to announce the launch of a new quarterly payment option for members.

We’ve been listening to your feedback since we launched our online membership option earlier this year. Given the economic and employment situation is a bit grim to say the least, it will come as no surprise to hear that many of you requested an option to pay by installments.

We’re working away behind the scenes to make MAG Ireland a leaner and more efficient organisation.

One part of that transformation was the move earlier this year to new offices which reduced the outgoings considerably. We’ve also cut costs in other areas such as utilities and consumables. Now we’re passing the benefits on to you.

It’s you, our members, who make the organisation what it is. We’re determined to make it easier for you to join (or renew your membership) in any way we can. That’s why we’re delighted to be able to launch this initiative today. By subscribing, not only are you spreading the cost of membership over the year, you’re also showing your support for promoting and protecting motorcycling in a very real way.

Without the support of our members over the years motorcycling in Ireland would look very different today. It was you, our members, who enabled MAG Ireland to open up the motorcycle insurance market to competition. It was you, our members, who made it possible to challenge the RSA and defeat the proposals for 3 separate motorcycle tests to get a full license.

Remember, it’s your voice we’ll be counting on to challenge the new proposals such as compulsory high viz, type approval, NCT type testing and a host of other issues now facing biking in Ireland.

Here at MAG Ireland HQ, we’re working on further improvements which we hope to launch down the line. You’ll likely see some of these over the winter, so keep an eye on the web site.

Remember, the AGM is coming up on Saturday 24th September. Why not come along to the Commercial Rowing Club in Dublin, and have your say on the direction MAG Ireland takes over the next year? Only members can vote, and you can renew your membership on the day. MAG Ireland is your organisation. Make sure you have your say. If you want to get involved, or nominate yourself (or someone else) to join the MAG executive, remember to get your proposals or nominations in writing to the office no later than Friday 16th September 2011.