MAG Ireland has moved!

After more than 10 years headquartered in Inchicore, MAG Ireland is pleased to announce our move to a new office.

While our shop front office in Inchicore served the needs of MAG Ireland well in the past, it also represented an increasingly inefficient way of maintaining a very necessary physical presence in recent years as membership tightened in the face of the economic downturn. Allied to this, the office, which is staffed on a voluntary basis, was only open to the public at certain times. MAG was able to cut costs in other areas such as utilities. However, rent & rates remained a substantial burden not to mention the cost of the insurance necessary for an office to which the public had access.

As a voluntary organisation supported almost entirely by the subscriptions of our members, MAG Ireland has to maximise the value we get from our resources. To this end we began the search for new accommodation late last year, and recently secured a serviced private office at a reasonable rent in the heart of Dublin.

For MAG Ireland, this move represents an opportunity to better focus on our core aims of promoting and protecting motorcycling on behalf of our membership, and indeed the wider biking community. Unfortunately we wont be open to the public as we were before – if you do wish to meet face to face with a MAG rep. please phone first and Linda will make arrangements to meet with you.

Our new postal address & phone number is:

MAG Ireland
c/o 94 Merrion Square West
Dublin 2 

(01) 602 0695

MAG Ireland would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal members for their continued support, and we look forward to representing your interests and defending your rights with renewed enthusiasm.