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The Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA) is the only Brussels-based riders organisation working to ensure that the interests of Europe’s road-riding motorcyclists are protected and advanced.

MAG Ireland is a national delegate member of FEMA and sees the European co-operation of like-minded motorcyclists groups as the most effective and efficient way to represent the interests of Irish motorcyclists at a European level.

With a full-time riders rights office at the heart of the EC legislating process in Brussels, FEMA co-ordinates the activities of the various national organisations including MAG Ireland. It means that riders rights organisations like MAG don’t waste precious resources duplicating work done elsewhere, which in turn makes all of our national organisations across Europe stronger.

Now, more than ever before, we as riders are coming under increased attack from legislators using the twin tactics of concern for safety and concern for the environment. Because the legislators, broadly speaking, see motorcycling as a problem not a solution they cannot effect legislation which improves the situation. For example, rather than encouraging more motorcyles which would cut congestion & therefore reduce emmissions, they seek to reduce our numbers by putting much stricter emissions limits on motorcycles.

Until motorcycling is seen as a solution – and not as a problem – these attacks will continue and our way of life will be gradually be legislated out of existence.

FEMA, like the national organisations across Europe that it represents, is working hard to defend your rights and freedoms. Like many of those national organisation – MAG Ireland included – it’s facing a funding shortfall which threatens our ability to counter the attacks from Brussels. FEMA needs your support. In this video message, FEMA president Gerard Livett explains the situation fairly bluntly. We urge members, lapsed members, and non-members alike to listen, consider, and respond in whatever way you can.

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