National Motorcycle Safety Action Plan, Before & After

MAG Ireland’s attention has been drawn to a proposal currently doing the rounds of the Irish biking forums on the Internet which suggests the RSA are “consulting” on the National Motorcycle Safety Action Plan.

This is not the case.

As reported by MAG Ireland recently, the RSA posted a page on it’s website after the weekend of protest in which it set out the background to type approval/framework regulations (which are EU proposals) and Mandatory High Viz (which is a domestic proposal by the RSA itself).

On that page the RSA invites comment as follows;

If you have any comments on the proposed Regulation please contact the Vehicle Standards section of the Road Safety Authority at or 096-25014 before the 29th October 2011.

Riders are composing emails & letters to the RSA about mandatory high visibility clothing (part of the National Motorcycle Safety Action Plan) under this vehicle standards section apparently in the belief that the RSA is consulting on the mandatory high-viz issue when in fact the consultation on the National Motorcycle Safety Action Plan took place back in 2009.

MAG Ireland responded to the National Motorcycle Safety Action Plan consultation at the time. It’s important to understand that many of the issues which were dealt with under the consultation document were dropped in the final version of the plan which is currently on the RSA web site.

Fortunately, MAG retained a copy of the pre-consultation version of the plan which you can read in conjunction with the official MAG response here;

While it’s genuinely encouraging to see riders getting active in defence of their rights, it’s important that the effort is not wasted by using the wrong channels. See this post on the  MAG Ireland web site for information about writing to the RSA on the issues raised in the National Motorcycle Safety Action Plan.

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