Concrete proposal to block EU regs

An interesting suggestion comes our way where forum member ‘mickeythemonkey’ points out that if more than half the IMCO committee can be persuaded to vote against the proposals they’ll be dropped.

Because people have been asking how to get in touch with their MEP, we’re re-posting the original IBF post here. You can read the full thread over on IBF at;

This is the text of Mickey’s post;

I have been ringing the MEP’s for some time now and this is a concrete way of blocking the legislation.
The people who have brought these ridiculous legislation forward are part of the IMCO committee.
Thats who is voting on the 22 of november, they are only voting on the amendments.
If we can convince 51% of the 38 members ( = 21 best go for 23 to be sure )
Get someone, eg: Phil Pendergast our only MEP on the Committee, and 4 others, to table a motion to have it dropped, we can force a vote at that stage, if we have our 51% it will be dropped.
Each member of the committee has the right, not to attend and send a substitute to vote in there place, this we have to be careful of and convince a large amount of the substitutes too.
My suggestion is to hammer them with emails and phone calls once per week, below is the list of everyone involved.
This is the only way at present to block this !!!!


MAG Ireland supports all riders, whether MAG members or not, in their efforts to have their voices heard. This is a classic example of the sort of initiative that’s needed to make progress. Whether or not the campaign is ultimately successful, it’s a highly effective way of demonstrating the depth of feeling around the EU proposals amongst the biking community, and for that reason alone it deserves your support.

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