EU in new squeeze on bikes

The EU has now published it’s proposals on revised regulation of motorcycles. These proposals are part of the framework regulations “Approval and market surveillance of two- or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles”.

Through FEMA, MAG has previously made representations on behalf of Irish riders, but it now appears that much of FEMA’s input throughout the consultation process has been ignored. FEMA’s position papers are here;

Although the 74Kw (100 bhp) limit has been dropped, there are many other potentially intrusive measures put forward. These are complex proposals, and it will take time to analyse them in full.

Key points of the proposals as we’ve seen them so far include;

  • stringent new emmissions regulations (Equivalent Euro 5 for passenger cars) incl. CO2 & fuel consumption labeling.
  • a potential ban on modifying your bike (Unspecified new anti-tampering measures)
  • mandatory ABS on medium and large motorcycles, linked brakes on small bikes.
  • restrictions on “non compliant” imports (we believe this is aimed at cheap South East Asia & Chinese made motorcycles).There is specific mention of “adverse effects of tampering such as increased fuel consumption and noise, pollutant and CO2 emissions”.

    The proposals have been published, documents are as follows;

    Home page:…
    Impact Assessment:…
    Executive Summary of the IA:…
    Citizens Summary:…

    MAG is studying the proposals as outlined above and we’ll be publishing our views on them as soon as practically possible.